Entry Race 10km

An entry race to mountain
running in Zagori.

Starting Time: 9:00 | 23/07/2017

Marathon+ 44km

A mountain Marathon crossing
the Timfi mountain complex.

Starting time: 6:00 | 22/07/2017

Half Marathon 21km

Half Marathon on the mountain
complex of Timfi.

Starting Time: 8:00 | 23/07/2017

Zagori Mountain Running

Zagori! The place beyond the mountain! The trails, the bridges, the stone-built villages, the Vikos Gorge and lake of Drakolimni, the Voidomatis river and the dawn from the Tsouka Rossa. But above all, the people!

Zagori Mountain Running is the greatest celebration of mountain running and a big challenge for all of you who want to get to know the experience, the race and crossing the finishing line after numerous hours of effort, at the place beyond the mountains

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Race Rules

What people say about Zagori Mountain Running

Dimitris Theodorakakos

Dimitris Theodorakakos

Zagori makes me feel like home, which is not an easy feat for a man from Mani who loves his origins.

Dimitra Bika

What does Zagori Mountain Running mean to me… How to put all those emotions in words?

Jacek Bogocz

For me, Zagori Mountain Running is a celebration of mountain trail running.

Glykeria Tziatzia

Zagori Mountain Running is, according to me, one of the most emotional moments during a race for 2016.

Pantelis Kapsis

It’s been more than 20 year since I last visited Zagori. It was, essentially, the first and last time, with my -at that time- 3-year old son.

Linda Doke

The magnificent area of Zagori is Greece’s most well hidden secret, a place of unmatched beatuy, exceeding any and all expecations.

Nick Kalofiris

It’s not only about the race’s history, but also it’s beginnings.

John Kourkourikis

Zagori is a place of great beaty that promotes the harmonic co-existence of nature and man.


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