To ensure safe conduct of the TeRA 80km and Marathon+ 44km races and to maintain a hi quality supporting services during the races, the Race Commitee has deemed necessary to impose certain criteria in order to confirm each athlete’s competence for these particular races.

For each athlete’s participation on any of the above ZMR races to be considered valid, at least one of the below must apply:

  • Confirmed participation and a valid Net Finish time in at least 2 races from the list below
  • Participation in any other official* race with a Net Finish Time of no more than 150% of that of the winner’s. For example, if the winner of a 42km race had a Net Finish Time of 5 hours, the maximum accepted time for participation in the ZMR 80km & 44km races is 7.5 hours (5×150%).

(Photo credit: George Tsironis)

* Races with a total distance of 20km or more and an Elevation Profile of at least 1000m that have already taken place or are to take place up until the maximum slots for each of the above ZMR races has been reached (200 for TeRA 80km, 250 for Marathon+ 44km)

Criteria Races

1AlpamayoPRO Trail Race
2Atsas Mountain Race (2017)
3Avgo Vertical Challenge (2015)
4Cappadocia Ultra Trail 110K (2015)
5Cappadocia Ultra Trail 60K (2015)
6Corfu Mountain Trail 39K (2015)
7Corfu Mountain Trail 40K (2016)
8Corfu Mountain Trail 80K (2016)
9Courmayeur Champex Chamonix (CCC) (2015)
10Courmayeur Champex Chamonix (CCC) (2016)
11Crusader Castles Ultra - Lionheart (2015)
12EcoMarathon (2015)
13Ellinikon Cross Country Race 25K (2016)
14Ellinikon Cross Country Race 52K (2016)
15Faethon Olympus Marathon (2015)
16Faethon Olympus Marathon (2016)
17Faethon Rupicapra (2016)
18Florina Trail Challenge - Arctos Trail (2016)
19Garmin Troodos Cyprus Marathon 2017
20Grand Raid Pyrenees (2015)
21Haidou Trail Party (2015)
22Haidou Trail Party (2016)
23Hydras Trail Event 26K (2015)
24Hydras Trail Event 26K (2016)
25Ice Trail AltiSpeed (2015)
26Ice Trail Tarentaise (2015)
27Imittos Epic (2015)
28Imittos Epic (2016)
29Koziakas Mountain Race 20K (2016)
30Lavaredo Cortina Skyrace (2015)
31Lavaredo Cortina Trail (2015)
32Lavaredo Ultra Trail (2015)
33Le Grand Pyrenees (2015)
34Lefkas Trail Run 23K (2015)
35Lefkas Trail Run 23K (2016)
36Lesvos Trail Running (2016)
37Lost Trail (2015)
38Lost Trail (2016)
39Meteora Trail Run (2015)
40Meteora Trail Run (2016)
41Mont-Blanc Marathon (2015)
42Mont-Blanc Marathon 80K (2015)
43Nature Trail (2015)
44Nature Trail (2016)
45Offtrail Parnassos 25K (2016)
46Olympus Marathon (2015)
47Olympus Marathon (2016)
48Olympus Mythical Trail (2015)
49Olympus Mythical Trail (2016)
50Olympus WAR (2016)
51Orehovo Ultra (2015)
52Orliakas Adventure Race (2015)
53Orliakas Adventure Race (2016)
54Orsieres Champex Chamonix (OCC) (2015)
55Orsieres Champex Chamonix (OCC) (2016)
56Paggaio Trail Run (2015)
57Paggaio Trail Run (2016)
58Panachaiko Trail 20K (2016)
59Panachaiko Trail 22K (2015)
60Paranesti Path (2015)
61Paranesti Path (2016)
62Persenk Ultra Trail (2015)
63Poikilo Rocky Mountain 22K (2015)
64Poikilo Rocky Mountain 22K (2016)
65Psiloritis Race (2016)
66Rodopi Challenge 50M (2015)
67Rodopi Challenge 50M (2016)
68Rodopi Ultra Trail (2015)
69Rodopi Ultra Trail (2016)
70Sougliani Trail (2015)
71Sougliani Trail (2016)
72Taygetos Marathon (2015)
73Taygetos Marathon (2016)
74The North Face Zagori MR 21K (2015)
75The North Face Zagori MR 21K (2016)
76The North Face Zagori MR 42K (2015)
77The North Face Zagori MR 42K (2016)
78The North Face Zagori MR 80K - TeRA (2015)
79The North Face Zagori MR 80K - TeRA (2016)
80Tihio Race 25K (2015)
81Tihio Race 26K (2016)
82Tihio Race 50K (2016)
83Tinos Challenge 20K (2016)
84Tor des Geants (2016)
85Traces des Ducs de Savoie (TDS) (2015)
86Traces des Ducs de Savoie (TDS) (2016)
87Transgrancanaria (2015)
88Transgrancanaria Advanced (2015)
89Transgrancanaria Maraton (2015)
90Transgrancanaria Starter (2015)
91Transpyrenea (2016)
92Tzoumerka Marathon Race (2016)
93Tzoumerka Ultra Marathon Adventure Race (2016)
94Ultra Tour Monte Rosa (2015)
95Ultra Trail Barcelona (2015)
96Ultra Trail Pelion (2016)
97Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) (2015)
98Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) (2016)
99Ursa Trail (2015)
100Ursa Trail (2016)
101Virgin Forest Ultra Trail (2015)
102Virgin Forest Ultra Trail (2016)
103Volos Regional Trail (2015)
104Vrontou North Olympus Trail (2016)
105Xanthi Mountain Run 25K (2015)
106Xanthi Mountain Run 25K (2016)
107Ziria Skyrace (2015)
108ΑηΓιωργίτικο Μονοπάτι (2015)
109ΑηΓιωργίτικο Μονοπάτι (2016)
110Αθλος Τζουμέρκων 23Κ (2015)
111Ημιμαραθώνιος Οχυρού Νυμφαίας (2015)
112Ημιμαραθώνιος Οχυρού Νυμφαίας (2016)
113Ημιμαραθώνιος Πάικου (2015)
114Ημιμαραθώνιος Πάικου (2016)
115Ηράκλειος Άθλος 20K (2016)
116Ηράκλειος Άθλος 27Κ (2015)
117Κάσσιος Δίας (2015)
118Κάσσιος Δίας (2016)
119Καστόρειος Ορεινός Ημιμαραθώνιος (2015)
120Καστόρειος Ορεινός Ημιμαραθώνιος (2016)
121Λέβαδος 23Κ (+το έτος 2017) (2016)
122Μινωικό Μονοπάτι Μύθων 26Κ (2015)
123Μινωικό Μονοπάτι Μύθων 26Κ (2016)
124Μονοπάτι Παρνασσού 24K (2015)
125Μονοπάτι Παρνασσού 24K (2016)
126Μπούρινος (2015)
127Ξε-Σκουριά-Ζω (2015)
128Ξε-Σκουριά-Ζω (2016)
129Ορειβατικός Μαραθώνιος Ολύμπου (2015)
130Ορειβατικός Μαραθώνιος Ολύμπου (2016)
131Ορεινός Αγώνας Βρυσεάδα (2015)
132Ορεινός Αγώνας Βρυσεάδα (2016)
133Ορεινός Αγώνας Ζευς 47K (2016)
134Ορεινός Αγώνας Κισσάβου (2015)
135Ορεινός Ημιμαραθώνιος Καβουσίου 21K (2016)
136Ορεινός Ημιμαραθώνιος Ν. Δίκτης (2015)
137Ορεινός Ημιμαραθώνιος Ν. Δίκτης (2016)
138Ορεινός Ημιμαραθώνιος Πηλίου (2015)
139Ορεινός Μαραθώνιος Οίτης Ηρακλής (2015)
140Ορεινός Μαραθώνιος Οίτης Ηρακλής (2016)
141Ορεινός Μαραθώνιος Πηλίου (2015)
142Στα Χνάρια της Αρκούδας (2016)
143Στα Χνάρια του Δευκαλίωνα 25K (2015)
144Στα Χνάρια του Δευκαλίωνα 25K (2016)
145Υψάριον Μονοπάτι (2015)
146Υψάριον Μονοπάτι 44K (2016)
147Χειμωνιάτικος Ενιπέας (2015)
148Χειμωνιάτικος Ενιπέας (2016)
149Χορτιάτης Trail Run 22K (2015)
150Χορτιάτης Trail Run 22K (2016)