Entry Race 10km

Description for the 10km Race

The 10km Entry Race has a positive elevation gain of 320m. There are not any elimination points during the race.

The village Kipi in Zagori (altitude of 750m) and specifically the village square is the starting and finishing point of the race.

Right after the start, approximately after 350m, the route makes a u-turn and passes through the village again, heading towards the three-arched bridge named “Kalogeriko”. The athletes actually run across the bridge and they continue for 3km towards the “Kapetan Arkoudi Bridge”, parallel to the river, heading north, passing beneath “Kokkoris Bridge”, where the 1st Refreshment Station is found. Leaving the station behind, the athletes follow the river to reach the stone step-path at the village Koukouli.

This is in fact the hardest part of the race. Once the athletes manage it, they cross the village Koukouli (on the 7th km), where the 2nd Refreshment Station is. For the last 3km the route starts descending, leading to the finishing line, back to the village square of Kipi.

Refreshment Stations

Virtual Tour for the Entry Race 10km

(by Dimitrios Kanellopoulos)

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