Entry Race 10km

Description for the 10km Race

The 10km Entry Race  has an elevation profile of 320 meters, spanning 10 km without elimination time.

The start and finish of the race are in Kipoi village in Zagori (altitude of 750m). The route starts at the village square and heading east. After 350m it makes a u-turn at the tarmac and after passing through the village again, heads to the three span stone bridge of Kalogeriko.

After crossing the bridge, it continues for 3km towards the Kapetan Arkoudi bridge, moving parallel to the river and heading north. It passes beneath the Kokkoris’ bridge, where the first refreshment station is, and sfter following the river, reaches the stone steps of Koykkouli.

The stone steps is actually the hardest part of the route. At its top, and after crossing the village of Koukouli (7km from the starting point) where the second refreshment station is, starts descending until it reaches its end, the village of Kipoi.
Refreshment Stations

Virtual Tour for the Entry Race 10km

(by Dimitrios Kanellopoulos)

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