The experience


The mountain races in Zagori began in 2011, as incredible as it sounds, due to a bet. The bet was to plan and implement a race with at least 150 participants in 29 days. The bet was won and more than 300 people crossed the finish line that year. In 2015, over 2000 people took part in the race weekend, making Zagori Mountain Running, the most populous mountain racing event in Greece.

There are many reasons why this race is so unique and popular. Technically, athletes of various levels can find a match for their abilities. With distances spanning 10 to 80 km and an increasing level of difficulty, no one is left disappointed. By organizing “Zagoraki” a children’s race, it is possible for entire families to take part in this celebration that occurs every year on the last weekend of July.

Besides the technical part, the race is unique because of its routes. Zagori is renowned worldwide for its nature and the unique achievements of local people. The Vikos Gorge with its rare beauty is the deepest canyon in the world, according to the Guinness book of records . Voidomatis river, characterized as one of the cleanest rivers in Europe, will cool the competitors with its crystal clear waters. 9 out of the 46 villages of Zagori through which the four routes pass, stand proudly and untouched by time, offering visitors a glimpse of how people in the area oz Zagoria spend their days alongside with all modern amenities. The stone bridges, a trademark of Zagoria are landmarks but also orientation points for sportsmen and sportswomen.

Competitors and their families, upon leaving Zagori, will have gained a unique experience in both a competitive, and in entertainment level. The pictures from this weekend of July will accompany them for a long time, making them the best ambassadors of the games and the beautiful area, since most of them return each year, along with many of their friends.

Zagori Mountain Running dominates the Greek trail running movement. In its seventh year in a row, it now has all the makings to become an institution in the world stage.