Half Marathon 21km

21km Race Profile

The Half Marathon race (21km) has a positive elevation gain of 1.090m. There are not any elimination points during the race.

The village Kipi in Zagori (altitude of 750m) and specifically the village square is the starting and finishing point of the race. Right after the start, approximately after 350m, the route makes a u-turn and passes through the village again, heading towards the three-arched bridge named “Kalogeriko”. The athletes actually run across the bridge and they continue for about 2.6km in a clear path, with a view to the Vikos Gorge, until they reach the “Kapetan Arkoudi Bridge” (on the 3.5km).

Leaving behind the bridge “Kapetan Arkoudi”, the athletes face the first uphill of the race (1.5km), which will lead them to the village Dilofo (on the 5th km), where the 1st Refreshment Station is found.

The race descends for 2.5km until it reaches the river in the Vikos Gorge. The runners having run alongside the river for 200m, they will go up on the stone step-path that will bring them to the village Vitsa (9.7km) where the 2nd Refreshment Station is.

Following a lush and beautiful trail, the athletes arrive in the village Monodendri (11.2km), where they can take a moment to cool off using the running waters from the fountain along their way. From this point, a steep downhill slope of 1.600m begins, the stone step-path of Monodendri, leading into the gorge. The athletes continue along the river in the gorge until they reach the “Misios Bridge” (on the 15.5km)

The race now enters its final phase with the stone step-path of Koukouli, bringing the athletes to the outskirts of the village, where the 3rd Refreshment Station is. The last part is a short but rather demanding downhill slope of 600m. The athletes pass by the “Kontodimos Bridge” entering the village Kipi, only few meters to the finishing line.

Refreshment Stations

Virtual Tour of the Half Marathon 21km

(by Dimitrios Kanellopoulos)

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