Half Marathon 21km

21km race description

The Half-Marathon race has an elevation profile of more than 1090 meters and spans 21 km without an elimination time limit.

The start and finish of the race are in Kipoi village in Zagori (altitude of 750m). The route starts at the village square and heads east. After 350m it makes a u-turn and after passing through the village it heads towards the three span stone bridge of Kalogeriko. Aftercrossing the bridge, it continues for 2,6km in a clear path and having a constant clear view of the Vikos Gorge before arriving at the stone bridge of Captain Arkoudi (3,5km).

From the bridge of Captain Arkoudi starts the first major uphill that will lead the athletes to the village of Dilofo (5km) after 1,6km and + 180m of positive gain. There is also the first refreshment station.

The race descents for 2,6km until it reaches the river in the Vikos Gorge. The runners having run alongside the river for 200m will go up on the stone “staircase” that will bring them to the village Vitsa (9,7km) and the second refreshment station.

Following a lush and beautiful trail, the athletes arrive in the village Monodendri (11,2km), where they will have the opportunity to cool off with water running from the fountain located on the route.

From Monodendri starts the big and steep descent of 1600m, called the ladder of Monodendri that will lead once again on the riverbed inside the gorge. Then the athletes will run for 2,6km in and beside the riverbed until they reach the bridge of Misios (15,5km).

The race now enters its final phase with the stone steps of Koukouli leading the athletes for 400m right to the outskirts of the village of Koukouli where the third refreshment station is.

What remains, is a small but technical downhill of 600m and after crossing the bridge of Kontodimos everyone will reach the village Kipoi and the finish line.
Refreshment Stations

Virtual Tour of the Half Marathon 21km

(by Dimitrios Kanellopoulos)

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