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Marathon Plus 44km 2017


The renewed and fulfilling race of 44km, follows a circular route of 2.600m elevation gain. This mountain marathon is a big challenge for your personal goals, while you experience mountain running from a different angle.

Starting point: the Tsepelovo High School (1.050m altitude). The runners cross the village square and they come across one of the hardest uphill points of the race: the Tsepelovo steps (stone step-path of 2km, at 1.340m and 290m elevation gain), which they will find once again before the finishing line.

The following 3.3km continue in a downhill route (negative elevation gain -270m), leading to the village Kapesovo (Water Supplies Station and Checkpoint).

The route continues descending for about 2.3km (-470m of negative elevation gain) and the athletes should be aware of the steep downhill route, a terrain of technical complexity. On the 7.5km, the route enters into the Vikos Gorge!

The trail continues in the gorge with slight elevation changes until the 12km, where we find the location “Klima” and the 1st Support Station at 607m of altitude (ascent 489m, descent 930m).

Continuing on a similar motif, we reach the springs of Voidomatis river (19km, Water Supplies Station and Checkpoint) at 483m of altitude (ascent 586m, descent 1.140m). From now on, the hard uphill part of the route begins, until the village Megalo Papigo on the 23km. The Main Support Station is found there, where the athletes can take a short rest (at 933m of altitude, ascent 1.100m, descent 1.200m).

Participation Limit

250 athletes

Time limit

10 hours

Cut off point-Time

1. Megalo Papigo(cut off time: 4hrs and 30min after your designated start time)

The route crosses the village Mikro Papigo and continues ascending for 5.5km, until the “Astraka Refuge” (30km) where the 3rd Refreshment Station is, at an altitude of 1920m and positive elevation gain of 1.900m.

Leaving behind the refuge, a very demanding downhill follows for about 1.5km and after that, the trail enters into an uphill direction again until the Lake Robozi on the 33.5km (4th Refreshment Station). This is the highest point of the race, at an altitude of 2.030m and positive elevation gain of 2.150m.

Then, the route starts descending, presenting slight gradient changes until we reach the 38km, at the location “Krouna”, drinking fresh water from the spring.

For the next 2.5km the route continues on slight elevation changes (+140m) up to the 40km, where we reach the location “Avgerinos” (5th Refreshment Station) at an altitude of 1.750m and elevation gain of 2.560m. There are only 4.5km left, downhill route, and the last Checkpoint of the race before the Tsepelovo stone step-path, just a breath from the finishing line.

Refreshment Stations


Route Virtual Tour

(by Dimitrios Kanellopoulos)

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Prizes for finishers 44km

Athletes that finish the TeRA 80km or Marathon+ 44km race will receive the following prizes.

The North Face® – M Reaxion Amp Crew (MEN)

The North Face® – W Tanken Tank (WOMEN)

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