Organizing Team

οργανωτική ομάδα zagori mountain running

οργανωτική ομάδα zagori mountain running


Since 2011 when  Zagori Mountain Running was held for the first time, until last year, in just six years, it has been a tremendous success leaving the best impressions to more and more athletes running in the trails. And this is due to the organizing team of the event.

With the strong support of its sponsors, the integration of Tymfi Endurance Race (TeRA 80km) and the love of the local community that has embraced the event,  Zagori Mountain Running has grown from a “simple” marathon, to what is, perhaps, the highlight of mountain running in our country.

The objectives of the organization team are constantly changing, since the very organization and its requirements evolve. We try, therefore, to, always, be getting closer to these goals. In any case, the main objective of the group is to convey the philosophy of the sport, to atract people to running, focusing on both  the amateur who is exercising for health and the athlete who seeks constant improvement.

In 2016, the team managed to attract participants from 25 countries emphasizing on sports tourism. Participation in Zagori Mountain Running is for many people inside and outside Greece, a good enough reason to visit the region of Zagori. During the same year, Zagori Mountain Running  was awarded the Tourism Awards 2015 Silver Award in the category “sports tourism”, marking the event as one of the most important in Greece.

Vasilios Tzoumakas Technical director of the races
Mara Kalogirou Coordinator / Responsible for artistic designs / Assistant technical director
Alexandros Kalogirou Responsible for outdoor areas, exhibition director, start – finish points -camping-outdoor catering areas
Dimitrios Theodorakos Special cooperator-consultant/Responsible for catering design/Responsible for elite athletes
Stamatis Mourtakos Special cooperator-consultant/ Scientific care of catering design/Athletic nutritionist
Hercules Moisidis Responsible for the volunteers and check of the stations
George Papadopoulos Responsible for the provision of the stations
Alexis Avdis Responsible for secretariat and athletes’ registration
Areti Stasinou Responsible for press and public relations / Athletes’ hospitality
Aggeli Aggeliki Law consultant
Anastasiou Alexis Responsible for the maintenance of trails in 21km and 10km routes
Petros Tzoumakas
Konstantinos Kalogirou
Responsible for the maintenance of trails in 80km and 44km routes
Tsipouris Ioannis Responsible for metrics and results