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The Ostracon Ltd Company will provide high quality equipment and recovery services to the participants of ZMR. A specially designed area after the finishing line, the Ostracon Recovery Area and the qualified Ostracon Physiotherapists will welcome the athletes to offer them the following recovery services:

  • INDIBA activ top method for treatment and rehabilitation, using patented forms of Long-Wave Radio Frequencies based on the widely known Capacitive-Resistive therapy.
  • Game Ready cryotherapy systems that simultaneously deliver intermittent compression and adjustable cold therapy.
  • Veinoplus Sport, one of the latest devices to use electrostimulation for providing post-athletic muscle recovery.
  • BLACKROLL, top foal rollers for musculoskeletal recovery.

The Ostracon Ltd operates as a brand of innovative systems and leading technologies in the fields of health, training, recovery and research.
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ostracon καινοτομία zagori mountain running 2