TeRA 80km

80km Race Profile


TeRA is an ultra trail race of 80km and 5.100m of elevation gain. It starts at 04.30 with total time limit 20hrs, including 4 intermediate cut off points.

The route is as following: Tsepelovo – Avalos – Siadi Migas – Davalista – Dragon Lake – Astraka Refuge – Mikro Papigo – Megalo Papigo – Vikos Gorge – Monodendri – Vitsa – Dilofo – Kipi Kapesovo – Tsepelovo.

Participation limit

250 athletes

Time limit

20 hours

Intermediate cut off  points-time

  1. Stomiou Monastery: 5hrs after your designated start time (exit from the station)
  2. Megalo Pappigo: 9hrs and 30min after your designated start time (exit from the station)
  3. Monodendri: 14 hrs and 30min after your designated start time (exit from the station)
  4. Kipi: 16hrs and 30min after your designated start time (exit from the station)
  5. Tsepelovo: 20hrs and 30min after your designated start time (exit from the station)

The race starts from the High School of Tsepelovo. After passing through the village for 1km, it enters into a dirt road for 3km and after that, on the 4,2km it enters into a trail.

After 6.5km the participants will reach the 1st Refreshment Station, called “STANI” (altitude 1724m, elevation gain +630). On the 9.2km the athletes will be able to see the peak “GOURA” on their right and the Tymfi peak called “KREVATI” on their left.

The 1st Support Station is found on the 11km (2.320m +1315m elevation gain), at the location of “TSOUKA ROSSA” (AVALOS).

The first athletes to reach there will have the rare opportunity to witness the sun rising from the top of the Tymfi Mountain complex, as well as the grandeur of the Aoos gorge down below. The race continues downhill for about 4km until it reaches the location “KATSANOS” (1665m, elevation gain+1375m). From there, the athletes come across with the first steep hill. In less than 650m there is an increase of 250m elevation gain.

On the 19.5km the athletes, find themselves at the magnificent location “SIADI MIGAS” (1435m +1712m elevation gain). Taking a breath they can admire the “GAMILA” peak in the southwest among the pine trees that grow on top of huge solid rocks.

After 1.5km, the trail turns into a steep downhill and passes through the dense forest, a shelter as well from weather conditions, until it reaches the location “KALOGERIKO” (1340, +1722m elevation gain).

On the 23km, about 3km before the Stomiou Monastery, we reach the 1st cut off point (cut off time 5hrs), where the athletes find the 2nd Refreshment Station.

From there, the runners will face probably the most demanding part of the race. The hard uphill leads to the passing of “DAVALISTA” (water supplies station). Within 2.5km of almost vertical uphill, the elevation gain is rocketing up to +700m.

The athletes continue traversing for about 2.5km below “DAVALISTA” in a gorgeous landscape. Approximately 250m of elevation gain are added and the runners reach the location “TSOUMANI LAKKA” at the “PLATEAU of LAKES” (1st Checkpoint) and the “RIZINA LAKE”, with lush vegetation. At the beginning of the path that leads to “DRAKOLIMNI” there is another Water Station (the 2nd Checkpoint), helping the athletes on both directions: going uphill on the 31km and downhill on the 34km. “Drakolimni” (Dragon Lake) is a rather uncommon morphological phenomenon for our country, with its elliptical shape appearing in the alpine landscape of Tymfi. The beauty captures the runners, featuring as one of the best highlights of the race.

On the 37km, the route passes by the “ASTRAKA REFUGE” (3rd Refreshment Station), and begins descending, leading to the Villages Mikro and Megalo Papigo (44km).

There, we find the 4th Main Support Station, where the athletes can pick up their DROP BAG (provided they had previously handed in their bags to the Admin desk upon picking their BIB numbers). Megalo Papigo represents the 2nd cut off point (cut off time 9hrs and 30min).

Leaving Megalo Papigo behind, the trail enters into a downhill route for about 4km reaching the springs of Voidomatis river in the Vikos Gorge. The athletes can cool off in its clear waters (certified as one of the cleanest rivers in Europe). On the 54.5km the 5th Refreshment Station is found at the location “KLIMA” and the trail continues in a steep and curvy uphill route (1.5km and +300 elevation gain) till Monodendri steps (Water Supplies Station).

The village Monodendri represents the 3rd cut off point (cut off time 14hrs and 30min after your designated time). The athletes will also find there the 6th Support Station. Right after, they will find the villages Vitsa (4th Checkpoint) and Dilofo (5th Checkpoint), the stone bridges “KAPETAN ARKOUDA” and “KALOGERIKO”.

We are actually on the 70km of the race, reaching the village Kipi, where the 9th Support Station is found and the 4th cut off point (cut off time 16hs and 30min). The next Refreshment Station and Checkpoint follow right after in the village Kapesovo. The route continues to the location “Loutsa” on the 78km passing through the Tsepelovo steps (stone step-path) leading to the finishing line, which is exactly the starting point (Tsepelovo High School) of the race, tired but happy and thrilled for having achieved your goal!

Refreshment Stations

Virtual Tour of the TeRA 80km race

(by Dimitrios Kanellopoulos)

The races route in GPX file format

You can download the TeRA 80km race’s route in GPX file format in order to import to your watch.

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Download the race’s route in GPX format

Prizes for finishers 80km

Athletes that finish the TeRA 80km race will receive the following prizes:

The North Face® – Versitas 1/4 Zip Long-Sleeve Shirt (MEN)

The North Face® – 66 Classic Hat (MEN)

he North Face® – Motivation 1/4 Zip Long-Sleeve Shirt (WOMEN)

The North Face® – 66 Classic Hat (WOMEN)

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