Frequently Asked Questions





​1. I have decided to participate. How do I register?

The process is simple. Just click here, select the race you want to participate in and fill in your details, according to instructions.

2. Can I use the form to register multiple athletes?

Of course! After choosing your pack, you can select more packs, ether for you or for a friend (or many friends), for the same or different races. In the step that follows, you will need to enter each athlete’s info for each race.

This way, you can complete multiple registrations at once, using a single credit or debit card, without each athlete having to use the form individually.

3. I completed the registration process. Now what?

If you entered all your info correctly, you will be redirected to Eurobank’s payment gateway where you can use your credit or bebit card to complete the process. Once your payment has been verified, you will get an informational email confirming your participation and your info is automatically added to our database.

In the same email you will also find your Participation Certificate (where you can find your BiB number) as well as your invoice for your payment.

4. How much does participation cost?

You can find details of the cost here. The amount you pay is used not just for services and refreshments during the game, but also for the official ZAGORI MOUNTAIN RUNNING t-shirt, which you will receive during the race, and the Medal you will be getting after you cross the fiish line.

Moreover, those how will successfully finish the TeRA 80km race will receive limited edition technical Resolve Jacket by The North Face® as a gift. Those that successfully finish the Marathon+ 44km race will receive a complimentary limited edition technical t-shirt by The North Face®.

5. The time has come. How do I get to the starting point?

Those participating in the TeRA 80km or Marathon+ 44km races will need to come to the village of Tsepelovo. You can find directions here.

The rest of the participants will need to come to the village of Kipoi, following these directions.

6. From where am I going to bet my BIB and equipment pack?

You can either get them during an all-day event on Sunday 20th, 2017, right outside the FIFTH ELEMENT store (Dagli 1 & Papazoglou, Ioannina), or from the front desk on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd at the village of Tsepelovo.

7. When and where does each race start?

TeRA 80km starts on Saturday at 4:30am at the Tsepelovo village Highschool. Marathon+ 4km also starts at Tsepelovo, on Saturday at 6:00pm.

Both Half Marathon 21km and Entry race start from the centralsquare of the Kipoi village on Sunday. The former starts at 8:00am and the latter at 9:00 pm.

8. Is there an elimination time?

Yes, elimination limits are in place for the 80km and 44km races. For the 80km race, the elimination time is 20 hours after the race’s start. There are 4 more intermediate elimination points. The first is at the Stomio Monastery (5 hours after start) the second in the village of Pappigo (9.5 hours after start), the third in the village of Monodendri (14 hours 30mins after start) and the fourth one in the village of Kipoi (16 hours 30mins after start).

For the 44km race, there is an elimination point in the village of Pappigo (4 hours 30mins after start) and one on the finish line (16 hours 30mins after start)

9. What’s with the Criteria for 80km & 44km races?

To ensure safe conduct of the TeRA 80km and Marathon+ 44km races and to maintain a hi quality supporting services during the races, the Race Commitee has deemed necessary to impose certain criteria in order to confirm each athlete’s competence for these particular races. You can read more here

10. Where can I stay during the weekend?

Local hotels and guest houses will do their best to find you a place to stay, but the Organization will appoint a camping area near the village of Tsepelovo, for those who want to camp.

11. What if I have a question?

During the races, an Info Kiosk at the village of Tsepelovo, near start/finish line will answer any questions you may have.